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Posted: July 24, 2017

As Miyomoto Musashi wrote … ‘there is timing in everything’.  Most often, there is stuff we NEED to do before getting to the stuff we really WANT to do. In other words, there is timing and process to almost everything.


Posted: July 17, 2017

One day, there was a New York businessman who was running late for work.  As he rushed to catch the train, he noticed a homeless man selling pencils at a table.  In his frenzy, he dropped a dollar into the cup and hurriedly stepped aboard the subway train.   On the second thought, he stepped back off the train, walked over to the homeless man and took several pencils from the cup.  Apologetically, he explained that in his haste he had neglected to pick up his pencils, and he hoped the man wouldn’t be upset with him.  “After all,” he said.  “You are a business man just like myself.  You have merchandise to sell, and it’s fairly priced.”  He then caught the next train. 


Posted: July 10, 2017

This month our student “mat chats” are focused on modesty. Here is a story we are going to be sharing with them.  We hope you enjoy it as well! There once was a martial arts master who had a student that was very difficult to teach.  The student just seemed to know it all!  No matter what the master taught, the student always seemed to either have a better way or to know why the master’s way wouldn’t work.   


Posted: July 03, 2017

This month our student “mat chats” focus on the principles of black belt. First up is MODESTY. One of the best ways to develop modesty is to remember that you never get anywhere or achieve anything by yourself.  The skill and the confidence that you develop as a martial artist is the result of not only your hard work, but the ongoing support of your instructors and fellow teammates.  Similarly, good grades are not achieved without the help of supportive parents and teachers and success in the workplace is only achieved with help and guidance of a mentor that has invested time and energy into developing your skills. To put modesty into practice simply say “thank you” when someone praises you for your performance but be sure to acknowledge the people in your life that helped you get there.  Have you ever thought about trying martial arts as a great way to get fit and learn a valuable skill? Learn more about us please visit our website at


Posted: June 26, 2017

Begin with the end in mind means knowing what your goal or desired outcome is in advance.  Knowing this helps remind you of where you are and what steps you should take next.  I’m sure you know people that are always busy.  They frantically run around all day, but at the end of the day, get very little accomplished.  Beginning with the end in mind can fix this challenge because you have a clear vision of where you want to end up. 

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