Kohler Elite Karate


Posted: May 22, 2017


There is an ancient story of respect that explains the respect that tigers have for one another in the jungle. They respect one another, give each other distance and seldom fight each other. The story goes that they understand that should they fight; the outcome would surely be that one would be mortally wounded and the other would be maimed for life.

Why is it that people don’t realize that we are not so different than the tigers?  Isn’t it true that conflict between two human beings or groups usually leaves one of them “maimed?”   Isn’t it true that even words spoken in anger or haste can wound the recipient for life? Let’s also not forget the damage we do to ourselves by harboring anger, jealously and resentment toward others. 

Martial arts training teaches us to respect life, respect our fellow man and only to use the skills we practice to keep ourselves and our loved ones free from harm from those that have chosen to live a life of conflict, ignorance and aggression.

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