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Posted: July 24, 2017


As Miyomoto Musashi wrote … ‘there is timing in everything’. 

Most often, there is stuff we NEED to do before getting to the stuff we really WANT to do. In other words, there is timing and process to almost everything.

The need for immediate gratification is one of the most toxic forces at work in today’s society. In fact, a very powerful study known as the Marshmallow Experiment, indicates very convincingly, that only about twenty percent of us, who have the ability to endure short term inconvenience for long-term gain, are almost guaranteed of living a happy, joyful and financially successful life.

It is no different in martial arts training; those willing to endure the hard-yards, in lieu of fast-tracking their way through the ranks, are almost certain to place real value/worth on their Black Belt when they finally do earn/become it.

There is 'timing' in everything - there is also a ‘time’ for everything. Enjoy the process!

Please share with your friends, family and associates. You can bet this message will be just what they needed to hear today. 

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