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Posted: July 10, 2017


This month our student “mat chats” are focused on modesty. Here is a story we are going to be sharing with them.  We hope you enjoy it as well!

There once was a martial arts master who had a student that was very difficult to teach.  The student just seemed to know it all!  No matter what the master taught, the student always seemed to either have a better way or to know why the master’s way wouldn’t work.   

Finally, out of frustration, the master made one last attempt to teach the student a valuable lesson.  He invited the student in for some tea.  As the master poured his tea, he only poured the cup half full, but when the master poured the student’s tea, he poured until the cup was overflowing.  

Surprised at what the student saw, he exclaimed “Stop pouring, the cup is full!”   The master replied, “Your mind is much like this cup.  It’s overflowing with your own thoughts and ideas.  There is no room left to learn.”

This is another great example of why it is so important to develop the attitude of modesty. Can you imagine how hard it is to teach someone who thinks he/she knows it all?

When someone thinks that they knows it all, they stop listening which means they stop learning, and when they stop learning, they stop growing.  People whose cups are full are no longer teachable.  

No matter how much you know or how good you are at something, always remain humble enough to listen to the thoughts and ideas of others; you never know, even one good idea from someone else just might take your own skills from good to great!

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