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Look For The Gold

Posted: April 24, 2017

Look For The Gold

During the 1920's, one of the wealthiest people in America was a man named Andrew Carnegie.  What was even more amazing was, not only was Mr. Carnegie wealthy, but at one time, Mr. Carnegie had several millionaires working for him.

One day he was asked why these people were so valuable to him that he paid them a million dollars to work for him. He said, "When these men came to work for me, they didn't start off worth a million dollars.  I built them up to that point."

He went on to explain that you build men like a minor mines for gold.  A miner will sift through tons of dirt to find a single gold nugget, but he doesnt go in looking for the dirt.  He looks for the gold! What's the point?- You build people by being a good finder. The lesson of Andrew Carnegie teaches us that we build people up by being a good finder. In order to build up our young people, or our children, we need to be a good finder. We need to constantly remind them of the good that is in them, and then get them to focus on it. We certainly don't build up others by criticizing them, and focusing on the dirt or the negative. By getting others to focus on the good that within them, we increase their confidence which in turn gives them the expectation to become all they can be.