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"Ideals, What-if's & Formulations" at Elite's Self Defense Night!

Posted: April 13, 2019

"Self Defense Night" At Elite Karate Was A Blast!

One of the things everyone learned, was the three phases of a self defense technique and how it relates to everyday life. 

1)Ideal 2) What-If 3) Formulation."

A self defense technique (a series of physical movements/strikes used to protect yourself) is always first introduced in the "ideal" phase. The response to the attack works perfectly - effectively & efficiently. 

Wouldn't it be nice if everyday we experienced the "ideal" phase. Everything going perfectly.

This is usually not the case. There's always going to be something that throws a wrench in our day.

"What if this happens?" or "that happens?"

Well, we can't just give up and feel like a victim, we have to improvise and stay ahead of the game!

We have to Formulate. ALTER, ADJUST, REGULATE.

The other night, we didn't just learn how to become better martial artists, we learned how to have a proactive mindset. Knowing that the "ideal" is a treat and that we always have to be ready for the "what-ifs" and welcoming the challenge and freedom to formulate if necessary.

Find a way to be awesome today!

Sensei Kohler