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Believe Yourself

How Important Is Self-Confidence For You or Your Child?

Posted: April 13, 2019

Self Confidence is the fuel you need to achieve.

I like to compare self-confidence to self-trust. Self confidence is believing you can accomplish something, whether it's physical or mental.

Everytime you make a promise to yourself (set out to get something done) and you actually get it done, it builds self-trust. As you start adding up all those promises you keep, you build more and more trust in yourself. When faced with a goal or challenge, you trust you're going to succeed, one way or another. And that is self confidence.

Now, what if you don't keep the promises you make? When you start something and when it becomes a challenge, you give up or quit. 

You weren't willing to stick it out, persevere, find a way to get through it. You broke a promise to yourself.

What's going to happen the next time you are challenged? Are you going to be able to trust yourself, knowing you've given up before?

The bigger the promises you keep, the more self-confidence you create!

And if you haven't challenged yourself lately, start with little promises. You could promise yourself to do a few push-ups or sit-ups every morning. Or you could promise yourself not to be late to your appointments. Whatever it is, these promises add up and your life becomes more proactive and less reactive. You have more power to control your day, deal with the unexpected, and make positive things happen for yourself.

Martial arts training teaches us to set goals (make ourselves promises) and persevere until we achieve them. We trust we can get it done!

Have a nice day and BE AWESOME!

Sensei Rich Kohler