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Posted: March 22, 2017

In a large Southern city there is a magnificent shopping center which stands on the former city garbage dump. For over a century no one saw this location as anything but the “garbage dump”.
Many years ago, however, some progressive minded citizens started “seeing” that location as the location for a beautiful new shopping center. Immediately, they stopped dumping garbage and started hauling good, clean fill dirt and dumping it over the century old garbage. They did this until a solid foundation was prepared. On this foundation, a magnificent new shopping center was built.
There are two points to this story:
Point 1: Notice, you can’t build on garbage. You can’t build a shopping mall on garbage, and you can’t build a happy, successful life on garbage. What do I mean when I say garbage? I’m talking about the garbage of negative thinking. There is no way you will be a happy, positive, productive person if you try to build your life upon a foundation of negative thinking. You won’t be happy and successful, and you won’t become a Black Belt either. There is no way you can achieve a Black Belt by thinking negatively or by criticizing or doubting yourself. To become a Black Belt Champion you have to build your life on the foundation of a positive mental attitude!
Point 2: We live in a negative world. Maybe someone has been dumping garbage on you and into your mind. Garbage can get dumped into your mind by other people (by what they say) and garbage can filter into your mind by things that you hear and read (i.e. media). Either way, like building the mall, you’re going to have to cover up that garbage with the good, the clean, the pure and the positive! That’s why it’s so important to read positive material and be involved with positive things like your martial arts training. To be positive, you have to surround yourself with positive things!
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