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Don't just go through it. Grow through it!

Posted: December 11, 2017


We all experience pain, discomfort, disappointment, and frustrations.Don't just go through it. Grow through it!

That difficulty is an opportunity to get stronger, to develop character, to gain a new perspective. Anybody can fall apart; anybody can get bitter - that's easy. But what that's doing is wasting your pain.

That pain is not there to stop you; it's there to develop you, to prepare you, to increase you.

In 1982, researchers aboard the space shuttle Columbia did an experiment with honeybees. They took them up into space to study the effects of weightlessness on them.

According to a NASA memo, the bees "were unable to fly normally and tumbled into weightlessness." Then it was reported that “the bees have all gotten stationary.

The bees did not have to use their wings, did not have to exert any effort, did not have any resistance. They just floated around.

Later they all died. They may have loved having it easy, having no adversity, but they weren't created for that. You might say that they enjoyed the ride, but they died.

We need life's challenges, struggles, and hardships.

Don't just go through the challenge. Grow through it. Learn the lesson, develop the new mindset, improve your skills, and you will come out stronger on the other side!